Can you feel the love?

It goes without saying that customers are in the driving seat when considering when, where and how you choose to purchase a gift or piece of furniture. There are many businesses out there that provide a similar service to ours, so we recently asked ourselves why should individuals choose to shop with us? And why would you choose us over a much larger profit driven store?
With this question at the forefront of our minds, it took us back to the very early stages of Humble Home. When we were deciding on the direction that we wanted to take our business and while we were creating an inventory of goods, we decided that everything had to ooze quality and perfection. We made a conscious effort to make sure that everything we did in terms of buying, marketing and pricing was completely from a consumer perspective. We often asked ourselves, would we buy that? Would we place that in our home? Does the quality match the price? Could we get something better elsewhere? Baring all of this in mind, and after much debate and consideration, the answer of why you should buy from us was staring at us for the whole time.
We came down to one clear conclusion... when buying from Humble Home you are also buying into the love, passion and countless sourcing hours that we have devoted to each and every product. Now we haven't gone all hippy and we won't be busting out our tie dye just yet. But put simply, we feel that people buy and exchange gifts to express their love, in some way, towards the recipient. It is by constantly baring this in mind that we only buy items that we know will compliment the feeling that accompanies the physical process of exchanging a gift. The loved ones (or even yourself for that matter!) that you choose to spend your hard earned money on deserve the best, which is why we choose to only stock and source the best items that are available.
I often wonder how much time and effort chief executives of big companies put into physically sourcing their items and whether or not they also buy with the same level of love and attention to detail. Do they go out to see, touch and test the products that they eventually buy or do they track buying patterns and analyse statistical information that then informs them of the latest product to stock on their shelves? I can only assume that the later is the most likely.
This brings me back to our original question... Why buy from us and other small companies like us? Small companies start with the rawest form of passion and vision. We are not motivated by huge profit margins, and statistical information; quite honestly, scares the life out of us. We are however, motivated to make sure that our customers receive the very best service possible. We endeavour to accompany this with high quality products at competitive prices, but above all provide an element of love that you will not find at big chains or retailers.
So when considering your buying options we, at Humble Home, hope that you choose to share this intimate shopping experience by shopping with us!
Humble Home xx

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