Research, Research, Research!

For those of you that are new to Humble Home, you may be unaware of how much time and effort we take to ensure that the products and furniture are of the highest quality, but more importantly that they come at an affordable price. It has taken us years to put together an inventory of goods that we are proud to sell. It has involved numerous meetings, countless late nights and many visits to suppliers to view and test potential products. This however, has been a labour of love and we have thoroughly enjoyed moving through the motions of creating a business and seeing a concept brought to life. We are passionate about living spaces and LOVE beautiful things. Therefore we are whole heartedly confident that the products we present to you, our loyal customers, are products that we enjoy and would have in our home. We want you to know, without a doubt, that when you buy from us you are receiving a high quality item at the best possible price. 


‘Simply stunning!’

Kim on Feb 01, 2016

So in love with my coffee table! It looks amazing and makes my living room look complete. Can't wait to purchase more from this collection! Such fantastic value and incredible quality!



So, today, we urge you, and insist that before parting with your hard earned cash, set aside an hour or two and do a little research. The gift market is negligible, therefore when you buy these items and if you choose to shop around (which we urge!!) you may be able to save a pound or two depending on the amount of items that you buy. It is furniture where the biggest savings can be made and to us there is a subtle difference between buying gifts and buying furniture. When you buy quality furniture you are buying a piece that is made to a high standard and you are investing in the aesthetic pleasure and practicality, that a particular piece may offer for years to come. We believe that this is not an investment that you should take lightly and as such, you should see what the market has to offer you.


With such stiff competition out there how do you know that you are receiving a great deal on your purchase? Luckily, we have already extensively researched the current furniture market and know that our quality and prices are extremely hard to beat. But do not take our word for it!! Get on the web and have a look for yourselves; other stockists of our furniture ranges are MUCH more expensive than ours. We can offer you such great prices as we are relatively small and do not have the overheads of much larger businesses. So take advantage of this and as always, if you have any queries or questions do not hesitate to ask us. We are more than happy to help!



‘Looks fab and is great quality’

Anne Walsh on Mar 15, 2016

We love our country collection shelf & coat hooks, it's perfect for our entrance hall. Lots of our friends and family have commented on how great it looks and have been keen to find out where we brought it from. Humble Home also provided great customer service and delivery.



Happy researching...




Humble Home




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