Apologies for being a bit lax with the old blog posts just recently. We have got lots on, which is exciting but time just seems to fly and before you know it its June! First and foremost a happy June to you all, such a shame the weather has taken a turn for the worse, our fingers and toes are crossed for the sun to come back out soon!! 

So while rushing here there and everywhere just lately I had the opportunity to read a really interesting article, which is the inspiration behind this post and it loosely all comes back to FAMILY. At the front of every home, especially ours is our family! Too often life and the pace of everyday living can get in the way, too many of us forget to look up from technology to notice the little things that happen in our homes with our family. It could be a trip on the carpet which makes you howl, forgetting to put the milk back in the fridge or the very annoying things that your loved ones do that despite being annoying you love! I hold my hands up to this, working with an online business my iPad/phone is tied to my hand constantly. I wake up, check e-mails, then tweet, then make phone calls, the list is endless and I am sure you can all relate. I wonder how many moments i have missed?

Therefore, I was surprised to read that the trend this summer is living spaces with NO technology. That's not to say that technology is not a must, as it most definitely is but this summer lots of people are scrapping the mod cons and going back to basics; a comfy sofa, nice rug, cushions, fireplace and a coffee table. This is to try and pull back conversation into a living room, board games and moments that become memories! I found myself thinking of my own family moments, sat giggling around the kitchen table, picking on my Dad about his terrible food habits or discussing the weather (because that's what every English family does). In my mums house the kitchen table is the go to for every conversation and the hub of the house. 

So my one tip for this summer is bring your family back together, set down the phones go back to the chit chat and more importantly the giggles. If you don't have a 'family' table then get one! Who doesn't want to be on trend this summer?! 

Happy June peeps, have a great one! 

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