Are you constantly searching for that perfect gift?

Having lived abroad in the past I was always searching for the perfect gift to send home to my family and friends. The postal service never offers guaranteed delivery and too many times I have sent things that have simply not arrived or have arrived two months too late. In all honesty if it hadn't been for my sister, mum or auntie many of my nearest and dearest would not have got anything for special birthdays or occasions.
I have found myself constantly scouring the internet for providers that will offer that little bit more. What I mean by that 'little bit more' is some personalisation to a gift. Often I have found the perfect gift online but with no option for gift wrapping, personalised message or haven't found myself trusting somebody else to send the gift the way I would want it sent. Well, no longer will I or you have to look because here at Humble Home we are going to offer that service. 
Living abroad can be hard, it means you miss out on lots and you can quickly feel very lonely, so you 100% want to send the perfect gift to let them know how much you do care. Sometimes, even if you don't live abroad but get held up with work commitments you can leave getting that 'perfect gift' too late, so let us help you, its simple! All you need to do is:
1. Find a gift on our website and add it to the basket
2. Click on your shopping basket, scroll down and check the box that says gift wrap. 
3. In the box below add a special message of how you would like it wrapped and any special message you would like on the gift tag.
4. Once we have received your order and special requests for gift wrapping, we will send you a picture of the finished product. 
5. Your friend, colleague or family member will be over the moon with your gift. 
I know that I was always looking for something of this nature. If there is still something missing that we haven't offered above, feel free to contact us and we would be more than willing to help you. 
Here are a few of our favourite gifts for those special ones
Cream jug
Happy shopping and have a great week!

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