Treat your loved one, this is for the MEN!


I don't know about you but Valentines day is still a day I love! Not only for the presents that I love to receive but because it reminds me of my childhood. My friends and I used to put so much time in to Valentines day, who was going to be the lucky one to receive a card? Who was going to get a rose delivered to the class? It caused weeks and weeks of gossip between us and even though it was years and years ago it still makes me smile. 

Some people think of Valentines Day and sigh that long sigh. Many people in long term relationships don't even celebrate it but lets be honest ladies what women doesn't love to receive a gift of some sort? Here is a list of what I believe to be top gifts:
1. Roses, flowers really are a women's best friend
2. Dinner, food is always a winner and why not even cook, it means so much more!
3. Something sentimental- photo frame, memorabilia
4. Weekend away- maybe a bit plush but gives you an excuse to get away and enjoy each others company
5. Chocolate
6. Candles or Trinket Gifts
These are just to name a few and personal favourites. Remember sometimes women may say we don't mind not celebrating or we don't want a fuss, but secretly we are probably hoping for a little something. Below are a few of Humble Homes Top Valentines Gifts and we can even gift wrap them for you!
Happy Valentines Day from all of us at 
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