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#humpdaygiveaway is coming to an end!

With February coming to an end very quickly, tomorrow is our last #humpdaygiveaway. Tomorrow is going to be a super special giveaway so make sure you stay close to your instagram, twitter and facebook feeds and if your not following us head over to our pages now! We have been overwhelmed with the amount of people that have played along and we have secretly loved giving away some of our gorgeous freebies! As February is nearly over we are also offering some of our high end furniture for a ridiculous rate and free shipping on orders over 30.00 GBP, just type FREEFEB at the checkout.  Take a look at these three beautiful pieces of furniture that NOW have 30% of the RRP. Both Rustic...

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Are you constantly searching for that perfect gift?

Having lived abroad in the past I was always searching for the perfect gift to send home to my family and friends. The postal service never offers guaranteed delivery and too many times I have sent things that have simply not arrived or have arrived two months too late. In all honesty if it hadn't been for my sister, mum or auntie many of my nearest and dearest would not have got anything for special birthdays or occasions. I have found myself constantly scouring the internet for providers that will offer that little bit more. What I mean by that 'little bit more' is some personalisation to a gift. Often I have found the perfect gift online but with no option for gift wrapping,...

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Treat your loved one, this is for the MEN!

  I don't know about you but Valentines day is still a day I love! Not only for the presents that I love to receive but because it reminds me of my childhood. My friends and I used to put so much time in to Valentines day, who was going to be the lucky one to receive a card? Who was going to get a rose delivered to the class? It caused weeks and weeks of gossip between us and even though it was years and years ago it still makes me smile.  Some people think of Valentines Day and sigh that long sigh. Many people in long term relationships don't even celebrate it but lets be honest ladies what...

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Hello February!  Some of you may have seen across our social media sites that we have started a new FREE giveaway called #humpdaygiveaway. The beginning of the year can always be tiring and hard, so we thought what better way than to give all of our trusted followers a few freebies here and there.  How it works: Every hump day, aka Wednesday, for the month of February we will post a picture. You need to see if you can match the picture to one of our many beautiful products. If you think you know, simply type the description of the product under the photo and like & share. Whoever guesses correctly first over our social media sites will be crowned the winner...

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Did Someone Say January Sales?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yes, yes I know your probably thinking we're at the end of January, so why Happy New Year? Well it has been a busy month for us and we have not probably wished all of our followers yet. Our blog posts have fallen behind, so huge apologies for that.  WOW…January just seems to have flown past for us and Christmas seems like a distant memory.  January Sales are in full flow but also nearing an end, some of you I'm sure can't wait for them to end so your TV screens can go back to normal without the constant reminder of this sale and that sale going on.  However, for those of you that are not fed...

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